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XYZ SCHOOL NOTICE INTER-CLASS DEBATE COMPETITION Aug 14, 20xx An inter-class debate competition will be held on Aug 20, 20xx at 11 A.M. in the conference hall. The topic for the debate is ‘Development in Science – boon or bane’. Interested students may give their names to the undersigned on or before Aug 18, 20xx. For any query, contact the undersigned. Sandeep Kumar Dash Head Boy
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To all the students of St. Teresa's, The school is proud to present the inter-class debate competition where each and every student is allowed to participate. It is NOT compulsory. You may contact Miss Renders (Debate teacher of class 7 and 8.) or me, Linda Hoston (Room no. 209). After signing up, the auditions are on the 16th of November, in the auditorium, at 10 in the morning. All of the teachers have been given notices, so they won't mind if you miss class. Wish you all the best. - Linda
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