Could any body suggest some innovative ideas for a Working Mathematics should be mature enough........meaning- a model with something different, and capable of earning the first position! (WORKING model)!! PLEASE

U r in which standard
Because according to dat only I can suggest u some ideax
thnx, i m in class 9


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You can definitely make a mathematics working model on the topic trigonometry and the best will be to make a "Theodolite"it has the same use as a clinometre,it is used to measure the vertical and horizontal angles between two given points.....very intresting one.......

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U can make a project to find prime numbers. on a thick wooden sheet put 100pins write 1-100in a random order. Make a electric circuit in such a way dat when u touch a prime no. Green blub glows n when u touch non prime no. Red bulb glows INSTED OF PRIME UCAN USE RATIONAL NO. OR ANY OTHER.
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