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the police commissioner

date-7 november 2014

subject- complaint against increasing crime rate in city and for seeking advice to control it

dear sir,
with very guilt i have to say that in our city crime rate is increasing day by day and need to be control. day robbery are taking places and girls are not at all safe here.
i request to suggest your views in this matter and take some tough decsion on this matter of concern.

thanking you 
your faithfully
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Hyderabad, 10th nov 2014 to the commisioner of police address Subject..Complaining about the increase in crime rate Respect sir, in our day to day life especially now a days the crime rates in the city are rapidly increasing.many people are being killed, not respected the women, robbery are increasing rapidly in the i kindly request you to take steps to solve this i request you to bring awareness about this problem thanking you....
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