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The Great Bath of Mohenjodaro is called the "earliest public water tank of the ancient world" Two wide staircases, one from the north and one from the south, served as the entry to the structure. .Another view of the Great Bath A hole was also found at one end of the Bath which might have been used to drain the water into it. The Harrappan Civilization was used for ritual baths and ceremonial activities and it was sometimes used for bathing purposes. So people of Harrappan Civilization used to bath in Great Bath.
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the great bath was located in mohenjodaro.this building resembled a large swimming had six entrances , a central bathing pool , galleries and dressing rooms.two flights of steps led to the bottom of the pool.the floor and walls of the pool were made of burnt bricks and made water tight with a lining of bitumen.water from an adjacent well was used to fill the pool with fresh water  and the used water was drained out through an outlet in one corner.the great bath was probably used during religious ceremonies.
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