Does this statements or theories cross each other
1-evaporation leads to precipitation
2-tress prevent excess evaporation
3-more tree lead to more rain
so,whats the conclusion is the reason for rain transpiration? or is any of the theory wron here.
pls ans my question swiftly as i want the answer urgenly for my project.



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1)No. As you may know 'Precipation' is the next stage after the stage 'Condensation'. In precipation  water droplets become so large that they fall under gravity in the form of rain or snow from(obviously!)  the clouds. Which means Condensation leads to precipation not evaporation.

2)Firstly, deforestation is one of the main problems occuring in our society today. Trees have a lot of benefits but one benefit is its shade. They cover the direct rays of the sun(pant!) which make our environment cooler and it limits the evaporation happening in the soil. Trees always ensure that rain water doesn't cause the ground to suffer soil erosion. So trees do prevent excess evaporation.

3)Trees do lead to more rain! Trees have a feature to lower the air temperature by absorbing sunlight through photosynthesis(plant process). So there can be condition like dews and even rain!

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