dear mam , 
                i am sania risha mondal , head of st. thomas girls school.i wanted to request you for some changes in the educational system of the present day.i am having problems regarding some matters.
                our school gives scholarships to very poor children who cannot afford to pay the school fees.we give this chance to only one student every year as it is not possible for us to help all the children.i wanted you to please make a rule that about all the poor children can receive education , not without fees , but atleast the least possible money that they can afford to pay.i am really eager to help these children.if you think that i am right then please make a rule on the same.
                    please give some time to read my letter.i hope that you will show importance to my letter.hoping to hear from you soon.
                                                                                   yours faithfully , 
                                                                               the lady principle ,              
                                                                                 sania risha mondal.

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