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Science consists of four main subjects. They are :-1. Mathematics2. Biology3. Physics4. Chemistry
Mathematics is often referred to as "The Number Game". It is a great way of enhancing one's mind as it is a subject which requires concentration. It even confuses some by its riddle like problems creating troubles for the student. However it is a great way of increasing one's brain power.
Biology is the study of living beings, plants, animals, microorganisms,etc. It gives us the basic knowledge of the functions going inside the human, plant and animal body. It also explains the anatomy of all living organisms.
Physics is everything which we see around us. It explains the basic concept of the electronic gadgets and mechanisms.
Chemistry explains us about the elements,compounds, acids, bases,etc. We are able to invent different substances by combining two or more elements.However it can even prove harmful as it liberates harmful gases which we fail to recognize.
So overall science is interesting as we come over new things and stumble to think upon them.
Thank You for your prompt reply...But I need approximate 300 words in this subject...
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The most interesting topic of my science book is human body... At first I dont know even how many bones do we have but today by studying about human body I gained so much about human body.. I understood that how the digestion takes place in our human body... I understood the working of brain ... It helped me a lot... it made me to understand myself.. I hope that it will be useful in my future...
thank You for your prompt reply...But I need approximate 300 words in this subject...