There are three earning members in a family- Mr Roy, Mrs Roy and their daughter Teena. The average monthly income of Mr and Mrs Roy is Rs 5050, whereas the average monthly income of Mrs.Roy and Teena is Rs.6250. The average monthly income Mr.Roy and Teena is Rs.5200. What is Mr.oy's monthly income?



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Let average monthly income of Mr Roy be M, of wife be W and of daughter be D.
     M + W = Rs 5, 050      -- eq 1
    W + D = Rs 6, 250       -  eq  2
    M + D = Rs 5, 200       -- eq  3

     Subtract equation 1  from eq 2 ,  D - M = Rs 1, 200

  Add this to eq 3:    2 D = Rs 6, 400   =>  D = Rs 3, 200  (Daughter' income)
    Substitute in equation 2,    W = Rs 3, 050  (wifes income)
    Substitute it in equation 1 ,    M = Rs 2, 000     (man's income)

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sir ... but in book the ans. is given as 4000Rs...
if Roy's income is 4000, try finding mrs roy and daughter salaries.. they do not match the numbers given. so 4,000 is wrong.
The answer is 4000
there must be a typing mistake in the book where you found the answer.. my answer is perfectly alright.... select best answer now.
thanx n u r welcom