(i)Determine the density of the cork from the following data
wt of sinker in water = 20 g
wt of sinker in water +cork in air=22.3 g
wt of sinker and cork in water = 12.4 g
(ii)Equal masses of water and a liquid of density 2 are mixed together then the mixer has the density of what
please tell the answers of the questions with detailed steps and tell me fast

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1.  cork in air weighs 22.3 g - 20 g => 2.3 g
      let density of cork be d g/cm
         loss of weight in water = 22.3 - 12.4 = 9.9 g 

          Loss of weight is equal to buoyancy force = (2.3 /d ) * 1 gm/cm
       Hence  9.9 = 2.3 / d    => d = 2.3/9.9 = 0.2323 gm/cm

2.      let mass m of water and  mass m of liquid be combined in a mixture.
             volume of water in the mixture = m/1 cc
             volume of liquid in the mixture = m / 2  cc 
           total volume = m +m/2 = 3m/2 cc

          mixture density = total mass / total volume = 2 m / (3m/2) 
                      = 4/3 gm/cm

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