the four realms of earth : lithosphere , hydrosphere , biosphere and atmosphere.

lithosphere : the outer most solid layer of the earth that is composed of rocks and soil is known as is also called the crust of the earth.

hydrosphere:the hydrosphere contains all the water bodies in the world that cover about 71 per cent of the earth's surface.

biosphere : the biosphere is the narrow zone where the lithosphere , the hydrosphere and the atmosphere come in contact with one another.this realm contains all the living organisms found on the earth.

atmosphere : the atmosphere surrounds the earth as a layer containing a mixture of is held by the gravitational force of the earth.

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The four realms of earth are
1. Lithosphere:-  The word Litho came from a Greek word which means is the outermost layer on the earth. it occupies about 29% of the total surface of the contains all  second order landforms.
2. Hydrosphere:- the word Hydro came from a Greek word which means water. it covers about 71% of the earths surface. hydrosphere contains all the first order landforms.
3. Atmosphere:- it is about 700kmts thick and contains all gases in it. it saves all living organisms from UV rays of sun. it also reduces the temperature of the earth.
4.Biosphere:- The word Bio came from a Greek word which means life. it is the part where the living organisms live. it is the combination of all the realms in which life exists.
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