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HASTE MAKES WASTE- If we do anything in a hurry and without concentration we cannot make it as best and we cant succeed in that work and all our efforts and time will be wasted.

IF THE SHOE FITS, WEAR IT! - dont wait for more adjust with what you have

MUST NOT CRY OVER SPOILED MILK- after happening something bad trying to make it good or always thinking about the things what had happened in the past and feeling sorry for that.

IGNORANCE IS BLISS - not knowing is better than knowing and worrying

A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS- who doesnt settle or attached to someone or something

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1. we should not be very quick instead take time to do things with all our concentration but steadily.
2. if something has the property that we are finding , we should take the thing.
3. it means that to feel sad on a happening which cannot be changed.
4. it is better not to know the thing than to know the thing and worry about it.
5. a person who moves from one place to another does not wants to take any responsibilities.