the son a a doctor had a minor heart attack.

his father:where is the doctor?

nurse:he will be coming just now.

then after 15 minutes the doctor arrived.

doctor:sorry...........tell me what happened to your son.

patient:where were you ?you are a doctor and not a should always be there in the without wasting any time,start the treatment.

doctor;nurse bring the patient in the room.

the doctor came out after about 4 hours.

doctor:you are saved..........go and meet meet your father...i will have to go to my family to stop them from crying as i have lost my son today.

the patient felt ashamed.

patient ;i am sorry for my behaviour ............please go to your son.

Patient: doctor I have fever Doctor: let me check u Take these tablets and syrup in time and take care of ur health Patient : thank you doctor