1) Suppose that a quadratic polynomial x^2+bx+1,b∈R has two zeros which are both real then
which one of the following is true?
a) b can have infinitely many values
b) b has a unique value
c) b has at most two distinct values
d) b has at most four distinct values . Explain your answer.



When any quadratic polynomial roots are real then; according to the property of the quadratic equation,
b^2-4ac = 0
substitutiong the values of a=1; b=b; c=1
b^2 = 4*1*1
b^2 = 4
b= \sqrt{4}
b=+2 or b= -2,
There fore the correct answer is 'C', B has atmost two distinct values
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Good explanation. Thank you for your help.
Thank you!