my name is sania risha mondal.
my friends usually calls me titili.
i am in class 7.
i study in st. thomas girls school.
i live in kolkata.
i am the eldest child  and i have a younger brother whose name is arian mondal.
i have a nuclear family which consists of my mother , father , brother and me.
i love to eat pizzas but my mother always stops me as piza is very harmful to our health.
my favourite sports is football.
i usually spend my sundays playing football.
i love my family very much and will always do so.
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My name is janani. I am studying in grade 6 My friends ushually call me as janu,Jana etc I live in coimbatore. My friends name is nikitha and grace Lydia Some of them don't like me My school name is the camford intl school. Please don't delete my answer