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Ounce upon a time there was a small child with his father.his mother died  before 5years  the boy hates his father because he will not give any thing to the child so oe day his father gave him 5 pounds he was verry happy but the father took the money an said this is from your side an again he took 10 pound from his pocket and said this is from my side the boy confused and thought for whom he have to give money
after 5 years his father died .again he got a letter from american organization.
that he won a award .the boy was suprised then he went and asked them they told that your father is agreat man he organized more money
and he thought that  the awared should go to my son.

so the boy cried and stood in front of fathers photo and said sorry to not respecting on you.

this is based on areal story in1979

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