Civilization is a vital kind of grouping,without civilizations,the world which we know is not there.It is a term that describes how we have changed our kind of nature,life style etc..,.Many countries like China ,Greeks,Germans they are well civilized country in the world.It means they are well developed countries in the world.Developing in the sense in all aspects we should overcome all the countries, and we should be the best.It may be in agriculture,industries etc.., India is a well civilized country

That is the main points of civilization.You can eloberate and write on the basis of these points.
You can also write different types of civilizations that took place in the world
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      Long ago in the stone age, people lived freely with out any order and discipline fighting for their food, land, home and women.  This was uncivilized grouping of people.

      But as time progressed, people had established a society, in which they had learnt to live harmoniously.  They established certain rules, discipline, morals, ethics.  The meanings for good and bad were evolved.  The society of people established a quality way of living.  Good ways of education, living, medical care, traditions like marriage and way of family life were evolved.  People had developed family relations and other inter personal relationships.  
     Governance of people by a ruler and an administration were evolved.  Ways of acceptable trading and economics were also developed.  Various arts had enhanced the cultural progress and prominence of the society.  People had learnt to grow, farming, and cultivate using animals.  People had established small industries to produce goods.  People had developed skills to build houses and monuments.  People had learnt to invent, discover, hypothesize, and document their experiences for the future civilizations.

      A society living in the above manner is called a civilization.  The manner in which they live is also called civilization.  

      Examples of earliest civilizations are Indus valley civilization and many other in Indian land.  Greeks, Romans etc. had also their famous civilizations.