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The characters of Bishop and Persome cannot be compared at all. They held a high contrast with each other. Bishop was quite different because he was influenced by Christian ideology. Persome hasn't been described to be anything similar. She wasn't far-sighted and acted just like any other common man. A small incident describing the difference between both these characters are: When she came back home one day and asked about his whereabouts, she reacted in a very agitated way on knowing that he had gone to sell his salt-cellars. Her reaction was just like any other normal person. On the other hand, the Bishop thought deeply and strongly believed in high Christian ideals. Persome did not think about the general goodness of humanity while the Bishop always talked about long term good will. He wasn't as short-sighted as was his sister.
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The Bishop is a very noble person and always ready to help anyone in distress.The doors of his house is open to everyone.But his sister Persome is very materialistic.She feels that the simplicity and nobility of the Bishop is misused by everyone.He is often cheated or deceived and taken undue advantage of.The Bishop is very loving and considerate.He was a kind-hearted man who folowed the teachings of Jesus Christ in a true spirit.He hates sins but loves sinners.He was also an ardent humanist.He was ready to sacrifice everything to help the poor and needy people.Persome was how ever a worldly woman, neither as self-less as her brother nor so noble. She did not like her brother to live for others and not for himself. She thought that people took an unfair advantage of his charitable nature.
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