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(a^2-b^2)Sin\theta+2abCos\theta=a^2+b^2\\\\Let\ a=kCos\phi,\ \ b=kSin\phi,\ \ a^2+b^2=k^2,\ \ tan\phi=b/a\\\\k^2(Cos^2\phi-Sin^2\phi)Sin\theta+2k^2Cos\phi\ Sin\phiSin\theta=k^2\\\\Cos2\phi\ Sin\phi+Sin2\phi\ Cos\theta=1\\\\Sin(2\phi+\theta)=1\\\\ \theta=\pi/2-2\phi\\\\tan\ \theta=cot\ 2\phi\\\\=\frac{1+tan^2\phi}{2tan\phi}=\frac{a^2+b^2}{2ab}

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