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There was a king who is ill from many days.He was checked by many doctors but the doctors couldn't recognize the disease the king is suffering from.As a result he used to cut their heads,hands.One day two great doctors were called to his ministry.One doctor used to check the patients with his own knowledge and other used to treat his patients according to book knowledge.So the doctor checked the king and couldn't  recognize the disease so the king made the doctor hang.So another doctor told to the king you will be alright if you sleep one night by wearing the shirt of the happiest man.So the next day the king orders his soldiers to bring the shirt of the happiest man.Then the soldiers go in the search of the shirt.They roamed whole whole village but they could not find any shirt in such a way.At last they found a man crawling,jumping,shouting under a tree,they go to him and asked him whether he was happy or not and then man reply that he was happy,immediately the soldiers ask him to give him a shirt.Them the man says if i had a shirt i would give you but i dont have shirt on my body then how can give,last the king realized no one would be happy and opened the window of his room and let the air come in and he feels better then. 
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