Hud hud was the one of the two strongest tropical cyclones of 2014 in the North Indian Ocean. Hud hud originated from a low pressure system. Hud hud identified into a cyclonic storm on October 8 and as a Severe Cyclonic Storm on October 9. hud hud made its land fall at vizag (poodimadaka). it effected 5 states of andhra pradesh most. at the time of land fall the waves in bay of bengal rose up to 2 to 3 meters and the winds came up with a speed of 190km/h. it effected the communication system in vizag. it damaged the greenary of vizag. almost 109 members were killed and 7000 crore rupees property loss. because of this hud hud cyclone many fisher men lost their livelihood and they lost their boats.
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