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Hugh John Lofting was born at Maidenhead a city in Berkshire,on the year of 1886, July 14. We basically can't make out whether he was an Irish or an English. He was a Roman Catholic born in a family of four brother and only one little sister. When Hugh reached the age of eight, he was directly send to a Catholic boarding school in England, called Mount Saint Mary. He lived there for a whole ten years! He always used to love animals which helped him shape his career as an animal writer. 

When Lofting was done with his schooling, he had a major problem along with his brothers. It was a' profession'. Lofting studied civil engineering with some arcitecture skills.By 1904, Lofting went to the US. He studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. By 1906, he came back to his hometown England, to complete coursework at London Polytechnic.He earned a degree at the year of 1907, where he was employed! 

He went through so many jobs. At his early years he first practiced a bit more of architecture, then became a surbeyor in Canada. Then, he voyaged to West Africa and Cuba. There he worked as a railway engineer.He served more jobs though. The real Lofting came in his third job. He shifted to New York and married his lady love, Flora Small.He wrote many articles and short stories for the magazines just as Roald Dahl did. Flora even gave birth to two children. A girl called Elizabeth & a boy called Colin. 

Lofting got a seriously injury at the time of the First World War. He had many broken bones and several injuries. Even though of these all, he wrote short stories to his children all the way back home so that they can get entertained. Thats what changed his life and the write Lofting came out! He invented different characters like Doctor Dolittle which was a famous fictional character at that time.

Unfortunately, Lofting didn't last long he died in the year of 1947 at New York. Bless Him! :(

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He was born on 14th January, 1886 in England and died on 26th Sepetember, 1947 in California (at the age of 61). He was a novelist and poet. He mainly writes literature for children and fantasy stories. A notable piece of work, is the Doctor Dolittle series. He was respected with the Newbery Medal. Surprisingly, Lofting had served the British Army for 4 years (1914-1918). He had fought in the World War I.
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