why distilled water used in inverters

Because the lack of minerals in distilled water is superior to tap water. Minerals in tap water tend to adhere to the lead plates in the battery, thereby shortening a car battery's life. This is why distilled water is reccomended and tap water is discouraged when it comes to servicing batteries.


Topping up with Distilled water is a must for any Lead Acid Battery. It is to compensate the loss of liquid in the form of Gas (Hydrogen) from the cells while charging and Discharging / using. Check "atleast" once a week for the level of acid. If that is lower than the red mark, you need to top up. Otherwise no need. To avoid routine water addition, you can opt to replace the Lead Acid Battery with a Maintenance Free (Sealed) Battery. Best suit for domestic applications.
In inverters we should use water which has less than 5ppm(part per million) TDS level. Distilled water has lower level of ppm. It has ppm of around 0-10 but we should not use bad distilled water that would spoil the inverters.