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Nutrition is very important for all living beings.  By taking proper nutrition we live healthy, grow healthy and work healthy.  Without a proper nutrition we will land ourselves in troubles.   Water and other healthy beverages are required for all ages.

1. First 6 months of age, babies need breast milk.
2. After 6 months to 1 year, they need cooked vegetables, fruit pulp and cooked rice paste, baby cereal powders.
3. Up to 12 years, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, calcium, iron, fibrous foods , fruits are all required.

4. Up to adult hood.  Girls require a lot of Iron.  All boys and girls require those foods as in list 3, but in more quantities too.  Nutritious Snacks are important.

5. Adults: Maintain good nutrition. So much of proteins as for teenagers may not be needed.  
6. Old adults:  Vitamin D, vitamin B12 are important. Easily digestible foods are needed.

   Proteins are very important for children.  They build muscles and help increase in the body.  They need iodine for intelligence related aspects.  Children need carbohydrates and fat also as they are more dynamic and spend a lot of energy.  They need vitamins and minerals that help in the proper functioning of various organs.  They need a lot of water too, as they sweat a lot and also they generate additional blood.  Milk products and cereals are good.

   During middle age the people requires carbohydrates to give them energy to work.  Proteins are needed to energy.  Also, important are the fibrous foods which help in digestion and bowel movement.  They may reduce sugar in take.  They need to take a lot of water.  They need to eat less of spicy food and less of fatty foods.  Vitamins and minerals are important for the organs to continue working well.  Milk products are good.  Fruits help in improving health.
    Old age, easily digestible foods must be eaten.  Sweets may not be  eaten a lot.  Fibrous foods are necessary.  Drink water at regular intervals is necessary.  Eating light is better. The body metabolism cannot work efficiently and extract all the food value from eaten foods.  They may supplement their food with special foods with a lot of vitamins and minerals.
Fruits are good.  Eating a little at regular intervals is good.