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Anne Frank (1929-1945) was a young Holocaust victim who wrote the most famous diary in history. she was like any other teenager. Frank and her Jewish family were forced to go into hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam in 1942. They stayed in a secret section of an office building for nearly three years before they were captured. Anne and Margot eventually Died at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, just weeks before it was liberated by Allied troops.
After the whole story the one who was saved was Only Otto who was Anne's Dad.

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Anne Frank was a child writer who was born on 12th June 1929 at German.Her book/diary-'The Diary of Young Girl' has been a famous book all over the world.This has been taken as films and also acted as many plays.As Anne and her family lost their citizenship in German they had to lead a miserable life for a few years.But the international fame she got because of her books helped her a lot.In a few years Anne Frank along with her family was betrayed and transported to concentration camps. Anne Frank and her sister, Margot Frank , were eventually transferred to the Bergan-Belsan concentration camp where they died  in March 1945.She could have died.But still Anne Frank is in the hearts of people all around the world.