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                           Some important facts on DAIRY FARMING.

The study reveals that married males are deeply involved in dairy farming. Majority dairy farmers completed the primary level of education and many are illiterate. Majority of Hindu peoples are involved  in dairy farming and the are belongs to backward community.Many dairy farmers in India living in thatched houses with poor quality of life and low standard of living. The occupation status of the dairy farmers are non-agricultural labor and majority of farmers work landless or marginal farmers. The study reveals that majority of dairy farmers were doing milk extraction with the help of labours only. Many dairy farmers were selling their milk to middle man only and remaining sold to co-operative or directly. The dairy farmers were consumes less than 1 litre milk per day. The middle man exploit the dairy farmers by giving only Rs.17 per litre and this milk is sold on Rs.20 per litre by middle man. This is the major draw back in Indian dairy farmers. 
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Dairy farming has been developed to meet the needs of industrial cities. its growth and development has its roots in europe , where the climate is suitable for natural pastures .cattle are reared for milk near big cities to meet the needs of people working in factories.dairy farms need a large labour force to look after the present machines are widely used for milking ,feeding and cleaning the cattle. huge capital investments thus needed
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