cleanliness is very important for us. as god has gited us a very green and clean world so its our duty to keep it clean.I think, before cleaning india by our physical activities we should firstly keep ourselves clean in a mental way. Because if we will know our duties towards our mother earth we will think before taking any step like throwing garbage here and there. also if there will be awareness in all people then they will also stop making this precious earth as a garbage place. we should make dustbins in place to place areas so that people will not throw wrappers and garbage like that anywhere.   by these we can we can keep our earth neat and clean.. if our surroundings will be clean and neat then the danger of spreading of various types of diseases will be less. and if spreading diseases will be less then only we can help our salves to maintain good health..  

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Man is supposed to follow certain virtues.Cleanliness is one among them.Cleanliness is next to godliness.God, is believed ,dwells where cleanliness exists.We build temples mosques and churches in order to worship God.We keep them clean and further adorn them with fresh and fragrant flowers,incense sticks,candles,oil lamps,rose water and scents.It is our deep rooted belief that we can have communion with God only if we worship him in clean and fragrant surroundings.Pollution is one of the dangers the earth is facing in modern times.With the development of science and technology,the threat of pollution also haunts our planet.The land,water bodies and the air get contaminated.Wastes from factories,business centres hotels,hospitals etc. are often thrown in to open land or water bodies.When the wastes and garbages are dumped in the open,they spread diseases that affect the whole society.A civilized society will evidently have sense of beauty and sense of duty.But lack of cleanliness will make the people morally weak.Drinking impure water,breathing impure air and eating unhealthy food, no generation can enjoy life. Therefore, cleanliness should be observed at any cost.The concept of God is a source of solace to man.God represents all values,power and positive energy.The concept of cleanliness is equally potential and hence important to follow in life.
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