jalaluddin khilji was the founder of the khilji dynasty.he was a mild and pious person.taking advantage of jalaluddin's generosity  , his ambitious nephew , alauddin khilji treacherously murdered him.the ruling period of alauddin khilji was from 1296 CE to 1316 CE .he was a brilliant general and a shrewd administrator.he dreamt of conquering the whole world.during his reign , the boundaries of the delhi sultanate extended beyond the vindhyas up to the deccan the sultanate reached new heights.
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Ala-ud-din Khilji, born as Juna Khan Khilji, was the second ruler of the Khilji dynasty n Northern India, reigning from 1296 to 1316ofTurkicethnicity, he is considered the most powerful ruler of the dynasty,His attack on Chittorin 1303 CE to capture the queen ofChittor,Rani Padmini, the wife of King Rawal Ratan Singhand the subsequent story have been immortalized in the epic poemPadmavat, written by Malik Muhammad Jayasiin the Awadhi language in the year 1540.He was a strategist and military commander who commanded forces across the Indian subcontinent. Sultan Alauddin Khilji is also noted in history for being one of the few rulers in the world to have repeatedly defended his empire against Mongol invasions. He defeated large Mongol armies and then launched punitive expeditions against them in Central Asia, around modern-day Afghanistan.
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