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The school cleanliness made us charm
But the dirtiness made us alarm
Whenever there is dirt we go clean it,
And we clean it we all mean it.

Teach the youngsters how to clean,
So that they can follow,
Make our school proud,
We can be loud and clear.

All-endearing cleanliness,
Virtue next to godliness,
Male our school fame,
So that it should not lame.

I have tried it.
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clean schools are keen to see.

students want to go to clean schools 

while they hate to attend classes ,

of dirty and unhealthy schools.

we all can do to something 

to keep our schools clean.

wrappers of chips and chocolates

should go to the dustbins.

and cleanliness should enter all of our schools.

this will make

learning a pleasure.

we all will then be great personalities in future.