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Children's day is an important day in the calendar of India.  All schools celebrate it an occasion to honour their best children and conduct many programs to commemorate the birthday of the first prime minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru.  He loved children a lot. 

A day in the calendar is recognized as the international children's day by many  countries.  Thus world over children and their needs are given significant importance on that day.

Every school conducts cultural competitions, shows, quizzes etc. to encourage children and their talents.  Many children related voluntary organizations conduct competitions in community centers and give prizes to winners. 

This occasion reminds the responsible officials of the importance of taking care of the children and enabling them to secure a good future.  While children learn to organize themselves.  They have fun.  Such an occasion is good to children in the backward areas and poorer sections, as it lifts their spirit and they feel that they are also important in the society.

During the festivals, many movies focussing on children are shown in cinema theatres (perhaps at reduced rates).  That gives many children exposure to national and international movies relating to their problems, and interests.  Also, many comedy or animation or 3D films are released/shown to entertain the children.

Further, on this day many functions are organized to commemorate the birth day of Nehru. Political leaders visit his samadhi in New Delhi and place wreaths.  His contributions as one of the most important freedom fighters, and as the first prime minister are well remembered on this day.  He was a great statesman, author, freedom fighter, lawyer, and politician.  He was able to charm people through his speeches and was able to impress foreigners including Britishers.
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