As I look to the sky I can clearly see
The glorious sun beaming down on me
The clouds go from thick to a whispy thin
To miss such a view is a terrible sin
As I look around this spectacular place
I feel a smile take over my face
The fields of lush green grass are dotted
With beautiful wild flowers the bees have spotted
Busily flying from flower to flower
Pollinating before a showe
it's an improper answer


cleanliness ever gives you happiness!happiness!! happiness!!!
cleanlinliness is next to godliness!godliness!!godliness!!!

keep your surroundings very clean ,
dust and tidy,wash and preen,
spic and spam it must be seem,
in an environment it must gleam

physical cleanliness is a must
brush your teeth and attend to bathing
clean your hair and wear clothes clean
be fresh and to be clean,be keen

flush all evil thoughts from your mind
and gush it with love and ever be kind
honesty and sincerity ,goodness and cheerfulness
implanted will make one bounce with happiness
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