The youth population must be trained and adviced on morals and values. they must be taught how to behave in a society and how to make themselves useful. they should be taught ettiquettes.the youth must be told about the bad effects of habits like smoking and drugs and must be prevented from their use. last but not the least the youth must learn to fight for justice and always help the right.

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There are many employment opportunities now.  There are many projects that the government is initiating. The number private organizations is also increasing.  The education levels are high.  Youth are able to get jobs abroad also.  There is a lot of talent in the youth in many fields.

Youth may be encouraged to start some thing on their own to earn money and be useful to the society.  Youth has many vocational courses that impart them skills that will be useful in getting jobs or to start some thing on own.

Youth has a lot of energy and potential.  Youth of today has modern technology, and science at their disposal.  They are able to produce some internationally reputed works also.  The creation of wealth comes from new ideas to do some difficult task easier.  Several youth have started information technology firms.  Many banks give loans for starting some enterprise on own.  

There are many degrees and subjects in which youth can get qualified and earn even business administration too.  Wealth is generated from any work done that is useful to the society either in India or abroad.

Unfortunately India's population has grown too fast as compared to the opportunities and financial status.  That is why we have unemployment problem. We have to see that youth can get jobs easily.

Youth must be given moral education and on ethics.  They should be prevented from getting addicted to bad things.  They should be prevented from spending money unnecessarily on entertainment, smoking or drinking.  The youth must be protected from drugs.  Then youth will generate wealth.