English Class Essay: "Ways To Keep Our School Clean"Many schools in every country in the world struggles to keep their area clean and comfortable. The most common reason for this incapability is the size of the school and the number of the students. With more than 1.200 students and a school area of 3.5 hectares, it is acceptable to say that Saint Joseph College has done a pretty good job in keeping its area clean. Although there are still some places where we can see garbages laying around everywhere, the whole area is generally nice and clean. However, there are some improvements that can be made.

A. Trash Cans
Although this might be the most common solution offered to garbage problems anywhere in the world, increasing the number of trash cans around the area is still one of the most essential first steps leading to a clean, healthy environment. In Saint Joseph, it is true that we can find a trash can in front of every classroom. However, after the classes are over students are often gathered around the parking lot, library and the school hall area. In my opinion, trash cans provided around these areas are still too small in amount. We can only find one trash can in front of the library, and it is often too full already. This is probably why some students decide they can just throw their garbages to the gutter nearby. Lately, there has been an awful odor coming from that gutter and many students feel disturbed by it. So this is probably a good time for the school to add some more trash cans around that area.

B. Signs
Putting up a "Please Do Not Litter" sign also might be another traditional, cliché solution coming from me but everyone needs to be reminded as much as possible to keep the school area clean. Besides, with a sign that clearly says "please do not litter", people would feel more gutted to throw their garbages in inappropriate places. It doesn't need to be a large billboard like the ones that shows motivational quotes around the school, but as long as it is readable from a good distance, sturdy and can literally be found everywhere then it's good enough. Notice boards around the school might be a good place to start.

C. Animals
Since the guard dogs were taken away, many stray cats can be found roaming around the school area. Unlike our guard dogs, these cats can't be trained to have manners. They don't know where to go potty and where not to go. There is even an orange one that hangs around the dormitory canteen which likes to jump up on benches to beg for food. Besides stray cats, some students also bring their pet dogs to school after class every once in a while. Unless these students can keep their dogs leashed and pick after them (pick up the dog's poops) I believe the school should create a new regulation that prohibits students from bringing any pets to school. Or if that's too harsh, then these students should be at least reminded to be responsible for their pets. If a new rule can't be made, then the teachers should just remind their students in class.

D. School Rules
If littering around the school got included in the school rules and teachers are given authority to punish students who are caught throwing their garbages inappropriately, there will definitely be an enormous amount of complaints coming from the students. But on the other hand, there will also be a cleaner school environment. Students should be encouraged to throw their garbages in a trash canonly. If they can't find one then they should keep their garbage with them until they do. Drawers are not trash cans, and those who kept their garbages inside their drawer should get at least a little reminder from the teacher.

These four are all that I can suggest for now. Whatever solution the teachers choose in the end, I hope Saint Joseph would have a cleaner, more comfortable environment in the future. Thanks for your time!
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