litter,litter dont be seen
lets keep our playground nice and clean
we will make it sparkle and gleam
if we work as a team
we like walking everyday 
our school is healthy all the way
playground games are always fun
our garden is great for everyone
water is so nice to drink
but do not waste it down the sink
eating fruit and vegetables of every kind
helps to develop a healthy mind
we like saving energy
by reducing our electricity
to help pollution we have a plan
to recycle,reuse whenever we can
we could save the world a load
if we stick with our eco code!!!!!!
5 4 5
do you have stage fear
it is not on stage it is online competition
todays competition was nice and their was no fear of anyone
y so
clean schools are keen to see.

students want to go to clean schools 

while they hate to attend classes ,

of dirty and unhealthy schools.

we all can do to something 

to keep our schools clean.

wrappers of chips and chocolates

should go to the dustbins.

and cleanliness should enter all of our schools.
2 5 2