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 "Clean India, My Dream India".  "Two Hours a Week, Shows Clean India in Sight".  "Clean India makes Healthy and Rich India.  Dirty India makes weak India". 

      Clean India movement or Swachch Bhaarat is the program and campaign initiated by the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi on 2nd October, 2014. Mr. Modi himself had cleaned a road in Delhi to initiate the campaign in style.  The impressive and convincing style of Mr. Modi triggered a nation-wide activity, never seen before.

     Whatever the good or bad about this mission be, it has united Indians on one thought and made every one realize what is shameful about and lacking in our culture and society.  So now India is on its way to true modernization and advancement as a society.

      Swachch Bharat mission has two components. The urban component 
works with the Ministry of urban development and focuses on 4,000 towns for 5 years. Expected cost is Rs 62,000 crore. The center will assist with about Rs 15,000 crore.

    The Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan (NBA) is restructured into Swachch Bharat mission for the rural areas. The mission works with the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.  A mission called "Namami Gange" is to be set up with an initial outlay of Rs 2,000 crores, for cleaning the sacred river Ganges.

    These two components will provide individual household toilets, community and public toilets.  They will manage the municipal solid waste too.  The mission covers 1 crore households and a few lakhs of toilets. 

    The government of India is giving a lot of importance to the mission. Every Sunday we have the media showing a lot of video clips and news on the subject of swachch Bharat. The target for the completion of mission is the year 2019. 

        Many celebrities have been invited by the PM to participate in the last 6 week-ends.   Most of the people have participated in this program including state and central government employees, officials and voluntary organizations.  Modi has been quite successful in giving a lot of publicity and has kept motivation among the people so far.

      Many boards of secondary education have been asked to participated in the program.  The boards have asked all their schools to participate.  In fact, many schools have organized competitions on writing of essay, slogans, painting, and speeches.  They have organized cleaning of streets and most importantly their campuses.  Government also announced a prize of  1 lakh for the green school.

     After 5 years I am sure we will realize that this mission made India on par with the western countries and will change foreigners in their opinion about India and Indians.

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