You can add points like
1.Children are taken under severe stress
2. Execessive  education invites materialism in life.
3. its a need of the hour to have value based education and a life beyond textbooks
4. it may make the child intelligent but not a healthy.

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     Education by itself does not have any adverse effects.  It is the misuse of education by bad persons that results in adversity.  Education imparts skills and knowledge but not wisdom and goo nature.  These have to be present in the person or inculcated in the person by some other means.   Nowadays people are using whatever they learn from others to cheat and pull them down.

     Educated thieves and robbers can plan better.  They become wiser.  Knowledgeable and skilled terrorists more dangerous.  Nowadays, anti-social people are making weapons and bombs themselves.   

Education has become commercial and is going out of reach for many.  Some students are unable to withstand the pressures of competition and are committing suicides.  Inventions and discoveries like bombs, chemical weapons, and viruses have been life threatening.  They have been used on innocent people.  Educated young persons are writing software and hardware virus programs to spoil web sites, personal computers and mobile phones also.

Now people of many countries are worried about nuclear weapons of neighboring countries and are involved in making nuclear weapons. There are many educated but unemployed persons.

All educated people expect jobs in the urban areas only. Now no educated person stays back in the villages. Educated persons are able to cheat the illiterate poor villagers in regards to their properties, facilities from the government, etc.

Now the seeds and pesticides that are to be used by farmers are being adulterated by persons with some scientific knowledge for selfish commercial purposes.

Some people have done scams at high level due to their knowledge and opportunity. In future we do not know how bad the misuse of new inventions will be.

Some persons become too proud, stubborn, adamant because of education and not have any good attitude towards poor and suffering people. They may not care or respect their own elders.