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Date: June 30, 2013

Dear Friend,

I was shocked to learn that you are suffering from typhoid since several days . Really when I listen this news I felt very sad. You are not coming to school and our class teacher is finishing the chapters as quick as possible. I want make you relax about this. Don't get tensed about the class work. I will give you all the class work, when you will come to school again. I have listened about this disease very often that it is a very serious illness. Anyway you will be get well fast, I hope so. I have came to know that your treatment is under a good doctor. follow all the advice and instruction of the doctor because it is very important for your quick recovery. Also  I want to suggest you that get rest sufficiently . Your friend were are also fell in grief -stricken when they heard this news . We all pray to god for your quick recovery .

So take care of your health and get well soon. We are waiting for your return to school. Please convey my regards to uncle and aunt at home. See you soon.
Your Sincerely,
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