i think that..yes, E ticketing is an effective way to reduce corruption. No need to give extra money to other agents for making the tickets. This is how E-ticketing is an effective way to reduce corruption.we can sit in our home and book the tickets without making any effort and parents don't need to stand on long lines hence e ticketing is useful for reducing corruption.and it reduces corruption in many ways...

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E-ticketing system has made it really made people's life more convinient . and times saving.But the most important aspect which it has affected is" corruption"
First of all it removes the not-so-required middle man,who needs that extra money to do your job .Secondly , when ever we think of ticket reservation the first thing that comes to our mind is the "line"system and to break this system some people try to bribe the people. We call this is as" Corruption at its basic level"
Now, e-ticketing ,somewhat ,reduces the chances of frauds and stratagems . We directly have to pay (online) to the concern can be downloaded and printed.e-ticketing panel provides equal service to everyone. be it a rich high class person or someone not-so-rich,