Teacher is the best helping hand for student.when we feel difficulty in any subject they help the student on this subject.few children did not respect the my opinion we must respect all the teacher beacause they build 50% of our life career .
in my school bharatiya vidya bhawan in shimoga all teachers are very friendly of students .and i like this type of teachers beacuse in my observation  many  student are thought that when the teacher is most friendly with him they like the subject most and i am also one of those student.but my friend thinking is different she always said that plzzzzzzzz dont thought about that because all subject are equal and we have to give them same time on each subject then also we score equal marks in all subject .my teachers are very immpressive for me they always support me .i like that that will helpful to u my small bro

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there are so many teachers and they all are always fond of encouraging and developing our knowledge..

but most of all my teachers i like my english teacher very much.because the knowledge she/he is having about "how to gain a student's interest towards the subject" is very nice. he/she always uses different methods and ways to let us understand each and every thing very clearly. i liker her/him because whenever me or my friends and classmates asks her any question he/she replies to our queries very calmly. i like her/his very much because her/his way of responsing and talking is very nice.
although, she/he is a very nice person.


"teachers are those candles who burnt their selves to give light to others"
hope helped you dear friend... ;D
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