(i) Why are canines absent or reduced in herbivorous mammals?
(ii) Which food stuff yields the maximum amount of energy on complete combustion and how much?
(iii) Cellulose is not digested in humans whereas cows can digest it. Give reason.
(iv) Fill in the Blank; Dietary fibres are composed of -
(v) Why are vitamins important for animals even when they do not produce energy?



1.Canines are absent in Herbivores anilmals because they are designed to eat grass with there Premolar and Molar teeths...In Place of Canine teeth these are absent and no teeth grows there...

3.Cellulose cannot be easily digested by humans as they cannot be easily broken down but in Cows it can be....

2.The food stuffs which contain a balanced amount of all Carbohydates ,Fats Proteins etc. is considered to yieled maximum amt. of energy on complete combustion...

4.Dietry fibres are composed of nonstarch carbohydrate and Lignin..

5.Vitamins are important for animals even they do not produce Energy as...Deficiency of Vitamins lead to cause many diseases in Animals as well as Human Beings
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