i am writing this letter to my friend.

dear sanyukta , 
                      hope you are well by the grace of god..first of all i will like to wish you a very happy birth day which was yesterday.i am very sorry that i couldn't visit you on your birth day in delhi as you are very far from me.i received your letter yesterday in which you wanted to know about the condition and my experienceof my visit to nicco park which is a theme park in kolkata.

i went to nicco park four days before i wrote ago.i went with my whole is was bright sunny day.we did not go to the water world as there was my brother , and some sisters so we did not prefer going there.i enjoyed many rides along with by cousins.i ate pizzas which was also very tasty.i also watched a 3D movie inside the park as you know there is a cinema hall inside the park.we came back in the evening and we was very tired so our parents told that we do not have to study on that evening.

we became energetic on hearing this.we spent our evening in a very enjoyable manner.i have told everything about my visit and now i will like to know about your new school in delhi.i will end my letter here.
hoping to hear from you soon.
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