1. Put all the dust and garbage in the dustbin .

2. Don't harm any plant or tree.

3. Make your Toilets or washroom clean.

4. Don't throw pieces of papers or any kind of garbage here and there.

5.clean the table after eating.

6.Also tell my classmates and schoolmates about this.

7.Flush after each use.

8.By Planting more plants.

9. By don't writing anything on the walls of the schools.

10. By Don't writing anything on the tables or chairs of the schools.

At last i would Say.
Be a part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
Some things might seem too small to consider but can have a great effect. Just like keeping care of small small things can help us in making our surroundings clean and green. We should arrange for dustbins in every class of our school. We should make all the students aware of our environment. Everyone should do their bit in keeping it clean. We should always throw garbage in dustbins. Dustbins should be arranged in playgrounds, canteens, gardens, etc. We should also educate others about the diseases that can spread because of garbage.