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i think that if i was a king, it would be first of all a very interesting and adventures thing for me.  I would do all the things that i always think like ruling over my people. and like having the royality which the old age emporers had in their life. i would like to do each and everything which make others happy, and especially my own people who live in my ruling area. because, i think a king is not known because of his works towards himself, a king is known for the works and things he has done for his peoples. i think to be a king is not even an interesting thing it is also  responsible job towards his public. if i was a king i will do everything only and only in the sake of my public people. because if they would be happy, then i will be happy. i would give all the things and would fulfill the needs of my public people. i would allow the children's to go to the school and i will always allow women's to do the jobs or the things they want o do. in my kingdom their will be a freeness to every person, that if a person wants my suggestion for anything or if need my help for anything i will surely help .....
i want my kingdom to be ruled as my public want..;)

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