Mr. Ganapati, owner of showbiz stores, Pune has recently ordered 20 sets each of Croma and Zeta LED Televisions. Croma is available at an MRP of 60,000 and Zeta at 65,000 per set. While he has got the distributor's discount of 25% for corma, he managed to get only 20% for Zeta.He is selling the TV sets at a discounted price of 5% during the festival season.
i) What is the total amount paid by Mr. Ganapati to the supplier.?
ii) What is the total price a customer Ramdhun needs to pay, if he bought one zeta for his house and one corma set for his brother?
iii)On the occasion of Diwali, Mr. Ganapatiis offering a flat discount of 10% on each item.How much will ramShankar pay if he bought 2 TV sets of each brand?
iv) What is the total profit that Mr. Ganapati will make if he sells all the Zeta sets by 31 december, at a discount of 5%?
v) If Mr. Ganapati sold all the TV sets by January, what will be ratio of his proft on Zeta and Croma?



5. 270:247