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Clean school makes us feel interested in going to school.  Students and staff can breathe nice and fresh air.  So the students will not fall sick because of diseases.  There will not be mosquitoes or harmful organisms nearby. 

Further students and staff will feel more happy to live in a clean building and clean surroundings.  Imagine foul smells coming out from nearby garbage can.  Children cannot breathe comfortably.  So the pupils cannot concentrate properly on learning or teachers cannot focus on what they are teaching.

Since there are a number of children together in a small class room, fresh air is a must.  When the walls, chairs, tables, compound, toilets etc. are all clean the mind of the children feel nice.  If the toilets are not clean, then children feel very reluctant to go to the toilets. That gives them a bad impression about the staff and school management. 

When the school and its surroundings are clean, the reputation of the school also goes up. Students learn to follow discipline and will inculcate habit of cleanliness.  The will learn more civilized culture.

In clean schools the sports play ground will be good, so all people can play without hesitation for a long time.  The grass near play ground will be clean without junk or defecation or rot.  So people can sit there and enjoy watching.  The visitors can come and interact with students or staff for any purpose.  

If a school does not maintain its cleanliness well, then the children of other localities will humiliate the students of dirty schools.  Then because the of the dirt, the reputation also goes down.  Those students will feel bad and ashamed of it. Hence a clean school will always excite and create a good creative environment for the students to learn.  Also gives a good environment for the staff to teach with enthusiasm to students.

Imagine if the water in schools is not filtered or potable water, then it will be terrible. If the people wear dirty clothes, it is not desirable.  If the school and surroundings are dirty, it will be difficult for the students to eat their snacks and lunch during the recess.  The children will also express the same thing to their parents and will tell their parents that they do not want to go to schools.

Due to all these reasons and to enhance the prestige of India and Indian schools in the eyes of other nations, our prime minister Sri Modi has started the swach vidyalaya programs.

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The mission of clean India was started on 2nd October ,2014 by our prime minister Narendra Modi.   
The main aim of this mission is to make India clean and also make it look more beautiful.   
It was started on 2nd October because it is also the birthday day of mohan das karamchand Gandhi who also wanted to make our nation clean.   
Cleaning schools is also a part of this mission.   
Schools are considered as our second home as we spend about six to seven our everyday in the school.   
Just like we keep our houses clean , we should also keep our schools clean.   

Children always like to come to a clean school in the early morning.   
We can study well if we are in a clean place.   
There will be no bad smell to distract our mind and we will be able to concentrate more on our studies.   
We should always throw the the  wrappers of chocolates and chips inside the dustbin which are provided in the school campus.   
We should keep the toilets clean as well because it is also a part of the school.   
We will be able to pay more attention to the teachings of the teacher and the teachers will also be able to teach properly if the surroundings are clean and no bad smell is coming.   
So we can conclude that clean schools makes learning pleasure.