The school cleanliness made us chaem but the dirtiness made us alarm whenever there is dirt we go clean it, and we clean it we all mean it. teach the youngsters how to clean, so that they can follow, make our school proud, we can be loud and clear. All- endearing cleanliness, virtue next to godliness, male our school fame, so that it should not lame.
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can u give more information plsssssss
can u give more information plssssss
it is veryyyyyyyy importrant
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Throw all the dust and garbage in the dustbin only.
 Keep the toilets and washroom clean.
Flush after using the toilet
 Keep the tables and chairs clean.
 Do not write on the walls or desks of classroom.
Arrange the tables and chairs neatly and tidily.
Pick up any litter that is on the floor.

 By keeping the school clean it does not only help the school but help you to get a better enviroment to play , learn and study in  So let's make a school a better place to study , learn and play 

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