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Question is wrongly formed.   The poles attract at the cut.

 |                                                      |
 |   N                                           S   |
 |                                                     |

if it is split into two pieces , it becomes: 

 |                           |                          |
 |   N                 S  |  N                 S   |
 |                          |                           |

Hence the poles formed at the cut or break, are opposite. They attract each other.

No they aren't the same poles, you take it wrong!
Though I have got the answer (almost), somehow it is due to fault in magnetisation of a magnet!
then your question is wrong... for a proper magnet, the poles at the cut will always attract..
at least click on thank you link... i spent some time on this question.. you realize that you posed a confusing question...
be kind to acknowledge the effort i put in. select best answer