1. you can experience hot weather in india through out the year. Hence for agriculture, we need lot of water. water deficiency is quite common here for varies reason like conflicting with neighbouring state government in the matters of water share from the river etc., 2. we cultivate mostly paddy rice. It requires lots of water. infact, the land need full of water all the time when we cultivate rice. 3. Most of the time indian farmers are experiences losses than profits. hence, monsoon gives lots of rain water which helps them lot. From some recent history we may see that many formers died via suicidal attempt due to inability to pay their dues to the government. Usually landlord is manage to be rich all the time . but, The former who are working for money in the land struggles for life.
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monsoon means rainy season.

the rain is very essential and important in the field of agriculture.

the water which comes down as rain makes the soil soft and this makes the soil easier to be ploughed.

the rain water helps in the proper growth of plants and crops which yield good productions.

this in turns helps the farmers to earn huge amount of money.