When women work outside the main problem which arises is mainly of wage discrimination. In the olden days people treat men and women  differently and even fix the wage of the women much lesser than that of the men when if they both do the same job. As if women are capable than or equal as men they were given lesser wage. Women didn't get opportunity as that of the men in the workplace. Another equality is that women didn't get valuable position in the workplace like leaders, monitor etc

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Women work in offices, factories, banks and private corporations. Gender bias is the partiality shown towards either women or men in giving them jobs, positions, perks, salary, facilities or authorities.

Generally it is believed that women are not fit for certain type of jobs or other facilities.  It is felt that women are suppressed from progressing.  Generally it is thought that they are given leadership posts.  This is called the gender bias.

The gender bias may be there and may not be there.  It is highly situation dependent. It is not universal.