there are many ways in which we can make our country clean.

social networking sites are very useful in encouraging people to contribute in this mission of making our country clean.

we can contribute in this mission by just keeping our houses neat and clean.

our second home which is our school should also be kept clean .we should through all the wastes in the dust bins.this in turn will help us in keeping our surroundings clean.

Generally we don't keep our surroundings clean due to laziness and we don't aware of the polluted surrounding.So,first we have to create awareness among the people for that we have to think laterally.
we can contribute to this by keeping our house clean.we can make a team in our school and keep the campus clean because "Two heads are better than one".
we can make some awareness videos and can upload it on you tube.

we can make some posters and advertise them on social websites.we can send mails about this to our friends and make them send that to their friends and thus we can spread this all over the country.All we have to do is attracting people towards this and making them aware!!!

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