Swachh bharat is officially launched  on 2nd october 2014  at Rajghat in new delhi . narendra modi started it and himself  cleaned a road .The campaign is india's biggest drive . The government employees ,students of india participated in this wonderful event.not only they but also the ministers and rich people participating in it.In this way we get clean and green India.
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Respected judges and my dear freinds,

Today im standing before u to speak a few words on swach bharath abhiyan,

Swach Bharat abhiyan is by the modi aims at making india clean & healthy.  it is important that we keep our  sorroundings clean. mahatmaji,s dream of  a clean india was not fulfilled . it is our duty to fulfil it.  Modi sarkar is planning to make india completely clean by 2019 which is gandhijis 150th birthyear. as indians it is also our duty to clean our sorroundings clean. we must work hard and do whatever little work we can do to fulfil mahatmajis dream. so freinds let us be together on this mission .

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